Curtains up on Miffy!

This week, Miffy is using her imagination to put on a play for her family. From a swashbuckling pirate to the big bad wolf, Miffy is ready to put on a show!

Post a photo or video of your performance and tag Miffy’s Instagram and Facebook. Miffy is so excited to see your show!

Miffy Play - Final

Here is what you need for your living room performance:

A story!

A play is a fun, creative way to tell your favorite story. You can act out a story that you already know, such as Little Red Riding Hood, or you can make up a new story!

To make a new story, choose a character, the character’s location, and something that happens.

For example:

Character: Miffy wants to be a pirate in her play!

Where is she: Pirate Miffy is sailing the seven seas on her big ship.

What happens: Pirate Miffy is searching for buried treasure. But look out! Suddenly, a sea monster is blocking her way! But, after talking to the sea monster, they become friends, and they sail the world together.

Miffy Pirate - Final

Some costumes!

It is time to look the part! Make an outfit that matches your character. To be Little Red Riding Hood, where a red cape. To be a pirate, put on a hat and an eye-patch.

Miffy Costume - Final

A stage!

Every great actor needs a grand stage. With your parents’ help and permission, here is how to make your own:

  1. Pick the tallest 2 chairs in your house. Space them about 5 feet apart, the tall backs facing each other.
  2. Take broom and lay it across the top of the chairs
  3. Take 2 blankets or bedsheets, and drape them over the broom, creating curtains for your stage.
  4. Optional: Using pieces of paper or a poster board, draw pictures of your play’s location. Tape them to your curtains, and suddenly you’re in a whole new world!

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