Let’s Go Camping with Miffy!

Miffy is so excited to go camping this weekend. From cozying up in a tent to singing her favorite campfire songs, Miffy is ready for all her favorite camping activities.

Post a photo or video of your camping setup and tag Miffy’s Instagram and Facebook. Miffy can’t wait to see how you camp!

Miffy Camping 1

Here Is What You Will Need:

A Tent: Have someone help you drive the stakes into the ground in your backyard or campsite.

Don’t have one of these or it’s not great camping weather? No worries, you can set up a tent in your living room using the couch, pillows and blankets.

Sleeping bag: Bring a sleeping bag, or if you don’t have one, make sure to bring pillows and blankets to make your tent as comfy as possible.

Games: Fill the tent with games to play with your camping buddies as well as favorite puzzles and books.

Miffy camping 3

A Light: You will need a light to see your games and books, so be sure to pack a flashlight.

Miffy camping 2

Food: Pack your favorite snacks so that you don’t go hungry. Thanks to Poppy, Miffy has many fresh fruits and vegetables to last through the night.

Campfire Songs: Even if you’re inside sitting around a light instead of a fire, you can still sing camping songs. Click here to watch the “Miffy’s Camping Adventure” episode and listen to Miffy’s camping song starting at 2:10. Miffy’s camping song is also be on the Instagram and Facebook pages.

Check out the lyrics to the chorus below. Have fun singing and camping!

We’re camping in the garden

All night long!

We’re camping in the garden

And this is our camping song!

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