Let’s Tidy Up with Miffy!

Spring does not just mean flowers, warm breezes, and fun in the sun. It also means that it is time for spring cleaning!

Whether picking up toys, making your bed, or helping your parents around the house, Miffy wants to help make spring cleaning fun. Click here to listen to “Let’s Tidy Up”, Miffy’s favorite song to sing when doing her chores!

Post a video of you dancing, singing, and cleaning along to the music and tag Miffy’s Instagram and Facebook. Use the NEW Instagram Filter so Miffy can be there to dance with you!

Check out the lyrics to the chorus below, and have fun singing along!

Come everyone let’s all tidy up

Clothes in your cupboard and chairs right up

Come everyone tidy up this room

Just fetch a bucket and take a broom

Now that it’s tidy, you can be sure

You will find all your toys once more

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