Leaf Raking Games to Make Fall Chores Extra Fun!

The weather is changing, and the leaves are falling, which means the chore of raking may soon be added to your “to-do” list. Grunty wasn’t excited to help Poppy Pig rake leaves until Miffy showed up. They made a game of it and quickly all the leaves were raked in a beautiful pile.

Sometimes all it takes to turn a chore into a fun game is a friend. Try out some of the fun leaf raking games below with a friend or family member this fall!

Jumping Pile

Build one massive pile and have fun running and jumping into it. This is what Miffy and Grunty did in the episode Miffy Helps Grunty!

Safety tip: Make sure all sticks and sharp objects are removed from area before jumping.

Get Buried

Lay on the ground and let your playmates pile the leaves on top of you until you are buried. Play a practical joke by popping out at unsuspecting family members or passersby.

Make a Maze

Rake the leaves into a fun maze to go through. Use the leaves as the guidelines of the maze and clear a path to walk through. Add more “dead ends” to increase difficulty.

Fall Confetti Toss

Whether you have a birthday in the fall, or you just want to celebrate the season, throw the leaves up into the air like confetti. Turn on some music to really get the party started!

King/Queen of the Hill

Make a competition out of leaf raking. Crown the person with the biggest pile by giving them a desirable prize such as candy or a new toy.

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