It’s Always the Right Time to be Kind

Miffy thinks it’s pretty cool to be kind. This week, she saw Snuffy laying on the grass in front of her house and checked in with her to make sure she was alright. After jumping out of a deep sleep from all the playing she had done that afternoon, she was back to her old self. You can watch on the episode Miffy Worries About Snuffy!

It was kind and compassionate of Miffy to show concern for Snuffy. See the activities below for ways you can show kindness to your friends and family too!

1. Kindness Cards

Think about someone who is a positive role model for you, perhaps a teacher, a librarian, a babysitter, someone who works in your school. What do you appreciate about them? Write a card to this special person. On the front of the card you could draw a picture of you and them. On the inside you can write about why you appreciate them and thank them for all they do and the difference they make in your life.

2. Kindness for All Creatures

Animals also need kindness. Think about the many ways you could practice kindness for animals in your daily life. You could collect spare change, and at the end of a set time period, buy toys for dogs and cats and donate them to your local animal shelter. Think about all the wagging tails and purrs those toys will cause!

3. Don’t Forget to Be Kind to Yourself Too

Sometimes we all have days where we don’t feel our best. On days like this, you can grab sticky notes and markers, and write a positive affirmation to combat each negative thought. For example, “I’m not smart enough” can become “I am always learning new things!” Then, post the sticky notes in places where you are likely to see them every day, such as the bathroom mirror — and whenever the negative thought creeps in, replace it with the positive one!

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