Miffy and Grunty Sleep Over!

Miffy is so excited she could burst – one of her best friends in the world, Grunty, is sleeping over tonight! Miffy has a few favorite games she can’t wait to play with Grunty. They’re even going to set up a tent and sleep in her backyard! You can watch Miffy and Grunty’s sleepover in the episode Miffy and Grunty Sleep in a Tent on the Miffy YouTube channel!

Below are some fun sleepover games Miffy likes to play. She’d love for you to try them out at your next sleepover!

  • Would You Rather

On pieces of paper, write statements such as ‘Would you rather be an astronaut or a deep-sea diver?’, ‘Would you rather be cold or hot?’, or ‘Would you rather eat carrots or brussels sprouts?’ With your friends, take turns reading and answering the questions. Be prepared for lots of giggles!

  • Spotlight Charades

Write down your favorite movie, book, and song titles. When it is your turn, pick one, act it out, and have your friends guess what the title is. Remember, they can only guess from your acting, no speaking allowed! Add a twist by playing in the dark and using a flashlight to shine a spotlight on the actor of the moment.

  • Hide and Seek – with a Twist!

Hide and seek is a classic, and it becomes even more fun with this great twist. One person hides, and the rest split up to try and find them. When you find the hidden person, hide with them in the same spot. By the end, everyone will be hiding together in one space like bunnies in a burrow, and the last person to find the hiding spot is the next person to hide first!

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