Playing at Home Can Be Fun Too!

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Write letters to Melanie
Now is the perfect time to reach out to your pen pal! Miffy writes to Melanie often and has kept every letter since they started. She enjoys learning more about her best friend – it’s still fun even when Miffy can’t see Melanie!
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Learn something new
It’s really easy to find tutorials in order to learn a new skill – Miffy learned to knit in a short time and now makes scarves for her friends and family! You can also learn a musical instrument, origami, how to dance, or even how to start a blog.
Sitting in a cosy corner surrounded by soft cushions is Miffy’s favourite thing to do just before bedtime! She loves learning new words and looking at bright picture books which fill her mind with wonderful ideas.
If your family are staying at home more than usual, there is likely to be an increase in mess! Get kids to help do chores, tidying and give a general helping-hand by turning it into a game – whoever can tidy their toys away the fastest can watch a clip of Miffy’s Adventures on YouTube!
Do something creative
If you have access to the internet, why don’t you try something simple like colouring in, watching fun clips on YouTube, puzzles, read an e-book, play memory games and more! Visit for things to do if you’re playing indoors.
Practice makes perfect – this Friday is the first day of spring, so why not ask your little one to create a seasonal picture complete with bunnies, chicks and flowers?