“Hoppy” Mother’s Day!

Miffy is so excited for Mother’s Day this weekend! There are so many things that make Mother Bunny wonderful, and Miffy can’t wait to show Mother Bunny how much she appreciates her with a special gift. Miffy has made a keepsake box for Mother Bunny, and even created a fun scavenger hunt for her to search for her gift around the house. Watch how Snuffy puts a twist on Miffy’s scavenger hunt in the episode Miffy’s Mother’s Day Present!

You can create your own keepsake box for your mom using the directions below. You can also create an easy scavenger hunt for your mom as well using Miffy’s example in the Miffy’s Mother’s Day Present episode. Miffy hopes your mom has a “Hoppy” Mother’s Day!


  • One of mom’s favorite hardcover books (To note: it may be best to buy the book since you’ll be cutting it up and decorating it)
    • Any width book will work but the thicker the book, the deeper your box.
  • Exacto knife
  • Mod Podge
  • Any embellishments you would like. (envelopes, flowers, glitter, stickers, etc.)
  • Ruler
  • Pencil


  1. Flip open the book to the first page. Using a ruler, measure and mark a rectangle the size you want your “box” to be.
  2. Have a parent use the Exacto knife to cut along the edges of the rectangle that you drew on the first page. Your parent can cut several layers at a time. (To note: The first few pages are a little more difficult to cut, because your parent will have to make sure they are cutting straight but once they have cut down a few layers, it is super easy!)
  3. When your parent has cut the book down as far into the book as you’d like, get out the Mod Podge. Being very careful not to glue the cover down to the first page (so as not to glue your box shut!), cover all the sides of the book with Mod Podge. Use your thumb to flip through the pages a little so that the Mod Podge gets in between the pages. You may have to do a few layers. Then let the Mod Podge dry.
  4. Embellish however you want, using stickers, flowers, glitter, or whatever strikes your creative fancy!
  5. Fill your new upcycled keepsake box with a Mother’s Day card, or any other small gifts you want to give your mom!

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