“Hoppy” Easter from Miffy!

It’s almost time for the biggest bunny holiday of the year – Easter! Miffy can hardly wait. Miffy’s mom hides eggs all around the house and yard for Miffy to search for. Hunting for eggs is Miffy’s favorite Easter activity because there’s always a sweet treat inside! You can watch Miffy find an egg on the episode Miffy And The Blue Egg!

If you’re still looking for last minute Easter basket stuffers, try adding a special bunny plush doll and a sweet bunny pajama set, perfect snuggle time after a big egg hunt.

Miffy’s family likes to put a creative twist on their Easter egg hunts, and you can too with the activity below!

Action-Packed Easter Egg Hunt:


  • Pack of plastic Easter eggs
  • Cardstock paper
  • Scissors
  • Washable marker
  • Small candy


  1. Draw lines on a piece of paper to create 10 evenly sized boxes. (You are welcome to create more if you’d like.)
  2. Have a parent help you cut on the lines to turn the page into 10 strips of paper.
  3. Use the marker to draw commands on the pieces of paper. See examples below:
    1. Jump on one leg
    1. Do a cartwheel
    1. Hop like a bunny
    1. Tell a joke
    1. Give someone in your family a hug
    1. Do the chicken dance
    1. Make a silly face
    1. Sing the ABC’s
    1. Count to 10 backwards
    1. Make your favorite animal noise (Example: Moo, oink, quack)
  4. Have a parent stuff the Easter eggs with the silly commands and candy, and then hide them around your house and yard.
  5. Once your parent says they’re ready, hunt for the eggs, and do the silly actions as you find them.
  6. Have fun and “Hoppy” Easter!

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