Miffy’s Kindness Chore Games!

To end Random Acts of Kindness Week on a high note, this week Miffy is doing all kind of acts of service for the ones she cares about. An act of service is helping someone with a task like making your siblings’ beds or helping your parent bake one of their favorite cupcake recipes.

Miffy loves Random Acts of Kindness Week so much, a brand new “Cool to Be Kind” plush toy was created in her honor!

Try some of Miffy’s favorite chore games below so you can be kind to your loved ones by helping them out with a task!

  1. Chore Relay Race
    • Divide your family into two teams (or however many makes sense for the make-up of your family).
    • Give each team a chore task to complete.
    • Set a timer for 3 minutes, and the first person starts (or rather, races) through the chore task. They want to get as much done as possible before the timer rings, at which point they run back and give their partner a high-five — it’s their partner’s turn to try to get as much done as possible in 3 minutes.
    • Decide how many timer-runs you want to do, and what everyone’s reward will be for completing the chores. (Examples: watch a favorite movie together, have a pizza party, or have dessert for dinner)
  2. One-Week Chore Pass
    • Give a one-week chore pass to everyone in your family, in which you agree to do their chores for a week. Make sure to let everyone know that only one chore pass can be redeemed a week so that you’re not doing more than one person’s chores.
    • Good times for them to redeem this coveted pass include:
      • Grade improvements
      • Birthdays
      • “You’ve been caught being kind”
      • Winner of family board game night
  3. Chore Dice Game
    • List out all of your household’s chores. If you have a chore chart already established, then you can use that.
    • Assign a number for each chore, from 1-12.
    • Get a pair of dice and go through chore-picking rounds by letting everyone roll the dice and see what number they get.
      • If you have multiple age ranges, then you can create a chore list categorized by ages (Example: a younger box of chores from 1-6, and a tween set from 7-9, and an adult set from 10-12).
    • Complete enough rounds to give everyone chores for your next family cleaning day.

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