Miffy Poems Every-bunny Will Enjoy!

Miffy can hardly wait for Valentine’s Day! She thinks it’s pretty hard to top a holiday that is all about showing every-bunny that is important in her life how much she cares for them. Since Miffy is focusing on the 5 different ways to express love and appreciation this month, she’s decided to write special poems for her friends and family to show them how much they mean to her.

You can try writing Valentine’s poems to your loved ones like Miffy using the directions and examples below!


Acrostic poems spell out a name, word, or phrase with the first letter of each line of your poem. The lines do not have to rhyme.


M – Makes the yummiest carrot cake!

O – Often gives me hugs.

T – Takes time to play with me.

H – Has the most beautiful white, fluffy bunny ears.

E – Every day shows me how much she loves me.

R – Reads the best bedtime stories to me.


The haiku is a very short form of poetry that arose in Japan in the 17th century. Typically, a haiku has 17 syllables, arranged in three lines, first five syllables, then 7, then 5. The lines do not have to rhyme.


My dad is the best

He teaches me things he knows

I love him so much


An ode is a poetry style that comes from ancient Greece. Odes are addressed to a particular person, event, or thing, and they often praise or glorify their subject. The lines do not have to rhyme, but if you’re looking for an extra challenge, try getting the last word of each line to rhyme!


Grandma bunny, I am thinking of you,

The one who’s love is true,

Always there for me,

No matter where you may be,

I know I can count on you,

Thank you for all you do.

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