5 Ways to Show Love and Appreciation!

It’s one of Miffy’s favorite months – the month of love! With Valentine’s Day and Random Acts of Kindness week coming up, Miffy has decided to focus on the ways she can show her family and friends how much she loves them. She recently learned about the five love languages, which are five different ways to express your love and appreciation for others.

They are:

  • Close Contact – Sometimes holding hands or a big hug can help someone feel better or less scared.
  • Quality Time – Spending uninterrupted time with someone like playing a game or looking through an old family photo album together.
  • Words of Affirmation – Expressing how much you care about someone with words by saying “I love you” or making a card with hearts or a poem or both!
  • Acts of Service – Help someone with a task like making your siblings’ beds or cheering someone up.
  • Gift Giving – Giving someone a gift you know they will love. For instance, if one of your parents loves to garden, get them seeds or a potted flower they can plant in the spring.

Since it’s not the best time of year to visit others, Miffy will be practicing these love languages at home with her family. You can try some of them out too with the activities below!

Get physical:

  • Give a hug to each member of your family
  • Hold hands with one of your family members while you watch a show or read together
  • Turn on some of your parents’ favorite music and dance together

Spend some quality time:

  • Read one of your favorite bedtime books with one of your parents. You can also read along with Miffy together!
  • Look through a photo album from one of your parents’ childhoods and ask them questions about what things were like when they were a kid.
    • Here are some thought starters for questions you could ask:
      • What was your favorite TV show when you were growing up?
      • Who were your best friends when you were a kid and what were they like?
      • What was your favorite candy?
      • What was the best vacation your family took and what did you enjoy most?
  • Pretend play with a sibling or parent using your favorite Miffy toys.

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