Hoppin’ Around the Christmas Tree!

As she fills in more of her advent calendar, Miffy’s excitement for Christmas grows and grows! One of her favorite parts of the holiday season is picking out the perfect tree and decorating it. You can watch Miffy search far and wide for the best tree on the episode Miffy and the Three Christmas Trees. To celebrate when the tree is finally up and decorated in her living room, Miffy and her family love to play a special Christmas tree bowling game. You can play too using the directions below!

Christmas Tree Bowling Game:


  • 10 empty small green plastic bottles
  • Colorful stickers and/or glitter glue
  • Star stickers
  • Small ball


  1. Save and rinse ten green plastic bottles.
  2. Once you have collected enough green bottles, then decorate them with stickers and glitter glue to make them look like mini-Christmas trees.
  3. Be sure to save enough star stickers to put one on top of each bottle. They will be the stars on top of the trees!


  1. Set up this activity in an open space with a smooth, level floor.
  2. Arrange the bottle Christmas trees standing in a triangle.
  3. Create a bowling lane, tape might be helpful for defining the lane, but isn’t necessary.
  4. Grab the small ball and have fun bowling!

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