Miffy’s Christmas Game!

Now that it’s December, Miffy can’t help but daydream of reindeer, unwrapping presents and all of her favorite holiday sweet treats. She thinks Christmastime truly is the most wonderful time of the year! Miffy loves to play games with her friends and family to get into the spirit of the season. You can play one of her favorite games below with your loved ones too!

Holiday Guess Who?

This Christmas Game is a fun game to play with the whole family that requires very little time to set up. It’s a game that will keep everyone guessing, “Who am I?”.


  • Santa Hats for each player
  • Double-Sided Tape
  • Index Cards
  • Marker
  • Timer (a phone timer works, or you can use a sand timer)


  1. Write down Christmas related items, names, shows or movies on index cards.
    1. To make the game easier, separate them into piles with different themes – like movies in one pile, characters from movies on another, animated characters, songs, religious, animals, objects.
    1. You could make it more challenging by just lumping them all together.
  2. Have double-sided tape handy for sticking the cards onto players’ hats.
  3. Have players’ sit at a table, or on the floor in a circle – as long as players can face each other.


  1. Pass out cards – face down to each player.
  2. Each player, without looking at the front of their cards, should pick them up and place them using double-stick tape on their Santa Hat.
  3. When it’s their turn, the player should set the timer for 1 minute.
  4. Players can ask everyone else who is playing to answer their questions to help them identify the word taped to their hat. Players in the one minute they have can ask each of the other players a single question. If the minute has not run out and they have asked everyone at the table a question, they can keep going around to each player until the minute is up.
    1. The answers can only be “yes”, “no”, “could be”, or “I don’t know” answers.
    1. They cannot ask “Who am I?”
    1. Examples –  “Am I a person?, Am I an object?, Am I green?, Am I a movie title?, Can I fit into a pocket?, Can I fly?, Do I have four legs?, Do I have fur?”
  5. At any point during their turn, the player can guess who or what they have on their head, but if they are wrong, the turn is up, and it goes to the next player.
  6. The individual who guesses the most correctly wins!

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