Turkey Tag!

Miffy just can’t wait for Thanksgiving! She always looks forward to spending time with family, having favorite homemade recipes and for her family’s tradition of “Turkey tag”. They always play the morning of Thanksgiving to work up an appetite for the big meal that evening. Follow the directions below and you and your family can play too!

You’ll need:
-paint (a different color for each participant)
-googly eyes
-orange and red foam sheets (self-adhesive foam sheets are even better!)


  1. You’ll need 3 clothespins per person and a different color of paint for each person. (Participants get a set of 3 clothespin in their particular color.) Paint the clothespins, just one side will do.
  • While the clothespins are drying, cut out an orange beak and a red gobble for each turkey clothespin. 
  • Once the paint is dry, apply the beaks to the end of the clothespins to give the pin the appearance of the turkey opening and closing its mouth when you squeeze the pin. Be sure to place it just a little off-center so the gobble has plenty of surface area actually sticking to the pin. 
  • Then, lay down a thin line of glue right above the beak and stick the googly eyes on. 
  • Voila! You’ve got turkey pins.


  1. For the game, the goal is to be the last person standing with at least one turkey pin still on. To start, have each player clasp their 3 clothespins anywhere on their clothing that they want. Once everyone is ready, have them spread out and pick beginning positions for the tag game that is about to ensue. 
  • Each player tries to remove the other players’ turkey pins without losing their own. Once a player has grabbed a turkey pin off someone else, they can just drop it in the grass. If it’s the last (third) pin, that particular player is out. 
  • Have fun!

Note: Pushing, hitting or knocking other players over is an automatic “out”.

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