Surf’s Up! Be a Beach Bunny with Miffy!

Miffy loves going to the beach, but sometimes she’s not always able to go. When she can’t sink her toes in the sand, she brings the beach right to her living room and so can you!

Watch Miffy’s day in the sun in the episode Miffy Lost at the Beach! Make sure to bring a compass so you don’t get lost like Miffy.

Possible Props for Pretending

  • Inflatable floaties
  • Blue blanket, large towel, or piece of fabric
  • Beach pail and shovel
  • Swimming gear like goggles, flippers, or snorkels
  • Toy boats and other favorite water toys (or Miffy Plush)
  • Assorted beach/pool accessories or toys, such as swimsuits, sundresses, sunglasses, faux flower leis, toy buoys, kid-size beach chairs, and a ukulele


Start by spreading out a large blue blanket, beach towel, or piece of fabric on a wide-open space of floor. Next, gather any and all of your beachy, summery, water-play items—and simply dive in.

The props above are purely for inspiration, but really any water or beach toys that you have on hand (bongos, umbrellas, shells, pirate gear, etc.) will work just great. No matter what props you have, there’s no wrong way to enjoy your pretend day by the water.

Easy Add-On Ideas

  • Plan a picnic. Miffy had a picnic on her beach day and so can you! You can set up lunch on the floor with a blanket, basket, and whatever goodies you love to much on.
  • Set sail! Place a large cardboard box or laundry basket in the middle of everything and voilà—you have a sturdy boat to motor around. Kick back in your boat and read some books together about critters that live in the sea or sailor’s who’ve traveled across it.
  • Play pretend. Pretend you’re a dolphin, seal, or whatever your favorite ocean creature is by setting up some pillows and blankets on your living room floor as “water” and hop and “swim” through it. Don’t forget to perfect whatever sound your animal makes!

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