Let’s Dance with Miffy!

Miffy loves to shake her bunny tail. Dancing is such a fun way to be active, sometimes she drifts off into “Boogie Bunnyland” and doesn’t even realize how much energy she’s burning!

On the episode, Miffy Leads the Dance, she shows Melanie and Grunty her new “Follow the Leader” dance (You can watch from 2:34-5:16).

You can make your own dance and rhyming song, or sing along with Miffy to the “Follow the Leader” lyrics below:

Follow the leader, it’s such fun

Spin like me now, everyone

When I stretch, you do the same

This is a really funny game

Follow Miffy, come and play

Do what Miffy does today

Miffy’s here to lead us all

On fine adventures big and small!

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