Fun Activities in the Dark

Oh no! The power in Miffy’s house went out. What will she do? Luckily, she has a few fun ideas that you can try in the dark too!

  • Tell your favorite story by flashlight

Find your favorite Miffy book and read aloud in the dark. To give an extra spooky effect, shine a flashlight under your face while you read.

  • Have a twilight sing along

Do you have a favorite instrument to play or song you like to sing? Gather ‘round a flashlight or night light with your family and sing-along together!

  •  Flashlight tag

Everyone runs around, one person has a flashlight and has to tag the other participants by shining a light beam at them.

  • Grandma/Grandpa’s footsteps

In this game, children quietly sneak up to the person who has been designated the “grandparent.” If “grandma” or “grandpa” hears footsteps, they shine their flashlight at the culprit, and they return to the start. The object is to steal a piece of treasure the grandparent has at their side (For example, a favorite toy) and get back to the start with it without being caught by the grandparent’s flashlight beam.

  •  Hide and seek

A classic, fun game with a twist! Hiding in the dark means there are so many more great hiding places. The seeker uses their flashlight to find those who are hiding. Even better if you dress up in costumes to play!

  • Glow-in-the-dark sensory play

It’s fun to guess what different items are in the dark. Add glow-in-the-dark paint to goop (corn starch and water), water beads, play dough or shaving cream.

  •  Shadow play

It’s so much fun to play with shadows! Use flashlights or outdoor lights to cast shadows onto white walls or, even better, hang a white sheet on the fence or between trees and to stand behind it making shadows and shapes.

  • Gaze at the stars

On a clear night what could be better than looking at the stars? Try printing out a map of the stars and look up into the night sky to see what constellations and shapes you can see.

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