Miffy Opens a Restaurant!

Miffy loves going out to restaurants. Carrot soup, carrot juice and carrot cake are some of her favorite things to order. What are your favorite restaurant dishes?

She decided to let her parents take a break from cooking one evening and opened up “Miffy’s Marvelous Munchies” right in their kitchen to cook them steamed carrots for the evening.

You can open up your own restaurant too! I bet your family would love to stop by and try whatever you’re serving up.

What will you name it? Many restaurants have names that have the same starting letter of each word (Like “Miffy’s Marvelous Munchies”). That’s called alliteration. Or is there a food-related word that rhymes with your name? That could work too.

Next, you will need to decide what to wear. Do you have a chef hat? Or, you could make the theme of your restaurant be something that goes with last year’s Halloween costume, and you could wear a princess dress or dinosaur outfit!

Do you have some spare paper and markers? You’ll need to create menus for all the people you will be serving that evening.

You’ll also need a notepad and a writing utensil so that you can take down notes of what people want to order. And, don’t forget to set the table with plates, silverware, napkins and glasses.

Last but not least, what food will you make? You can choose to make real food if you have some pre-packaged items or have someone’s help to cook one of your favorite dishes. If you have fake food from a play kitchen set, that’s great too!

If you’d like some ideas for Miffy-themed recipes to serve, check out i am a food blog. Miffy hopes you have so much fun with your restaurant. Bon appetit!

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