Miffy Hunts for Treasure!

Under the moon or under the sun, a scavenger hunt with Miffy is sure to be fun! Miffy loves playing pirate. See below for the best tips on creating a treasure hunt just like Miffy:

1. Plan your route
You must first choose where exactly the scavenger hunt is going to take place. Great ideas include around the backyard, around the house, your neighborhood or a local park. It is very important for the area you choose to be safe and walkable.

2. Scout out locations
Think about favorite places in your house, backyard, neighborhood or wherever you choose to have the hunt. It’s easiest if you can get to each clue within about five minutes or so of walking. Where is your favorite spot on the route? That should be the final destination.

3. Draw up a map

Grab a piece of paper and draw up connections from each spot where you plan to stop. Make sure the last location has an “X” to mark the site of the hidden treasure.

5. Write and number the clues and put them in numbered envelopes
To create the most authentic pirate-themed clues, make sure they rhyme and aren’t too hard to solve. They should correspond with each location you plan to stop by along the way and be numbered in that order. (Example for a tree: I am tall and strong, I even have roots. You may get a splinter if you climb me without boots!)

4. Pirate’s Booty!

Fill the treasure chest for the end of the hunt with favorite books, tasty treats and Miffy toys. Miffy’s favorite treat is carrot cupcakes, what’s yours?

6. Set it up
Before you plan to go out on the hunt, you need to put the clues in place! Make sure to pack scissors and tape to secure clues to tree trunks, posts, etc.

7. Have fun!

Enjoy your scavenger hunt! Miffy hopes you get the best ‘booty’ in all the land.

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