Where’s Miffy?

With so many families staying at home during social distancing, it may feel like you have memorized every corner, nook, and cranny in your home. Let’s put your knowledge to the test, and play some Miffy hide and seek!

Make sure to take some pictures of your favorite hiding places and tag Miffy’s Instagram or Facebook!

How to Play:

Take your favorite Miffy plushy, or print out the Miffy cut out below, and ask your parent to hide Miffy somewhere in the house! When they say go, start searching your house for your favorite bunny friend.

Parents, depending on your child’s age, it may help to incorporate “Hot and Cold”, where saying “cold” means they are moving away from where Miffy is hidden, and “warm” or “hot” means they are getting closer to Miffy.

Use the first illustration to make Miffy poke out from behind objects, so she can hide in plain sight.

When using the printed Miffy cut-outs, try gluing or taping a stick, ruler, or piece of cardboard to the back, allowing the cut-out to stand up without flopping over.

Peeping Miffy - Final

Hide and Seek Miffy - Final

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