Make your own Miffy ears!

Hello Miffy Fans,

Welcome back to the Miffy Fun Blog! Today, we are preparing for a very Hoppy Holiday weekend with our favorite bunny. Follow the instructions below to make your very own Miffy ears to decorate and wear! Make sure to tag Miffy’s Instagram or Facebook when you show off your beautiful ears online.

You can also wear your ears while watching Miffy the Movie, which will be streaming back to back here.



  • White poster board
  • A ruler or yard stick
  • A pencil
  • Scissors (Ask an adult for help)
  • A black marker



Step 1: The headband should be 24 inches across

Step 1 (2)

Step 2: Use a pencil to divide into 3 equal parts: 8 inches each part

Step 3: Draw a horizontal line 1 inch above the bottom. This will create the headband.

Step 2 (2)

Step 4: Make a mark where the one inch line connects with the eight inch mark.

Step 3 (2)


Step 5: At the halfway point on your line (12 inches in from the edge) make a mark 2.5 inches from the bottom

Step 4 (2)

Step 6: Draw a 1 inch line across at that mark (.5 inches on each side of the mark)

Step 5 (2)

Step 7: Draw a curved line to connect the edges of the 1 inch line with the top of the headband where you created the marks noted in step 4 above (one to the left and one to the right). It should look like a rising sun.

Step 6 (3)

Step 8: Make another mark ¾ inches down from the middle of the flat line at the top of the head. Draw a line through it horizontally to connect the two sides of the curved line. (See picture after Step 9 for reference)

Step 9: Make a mark where the curved line meets the new horizontal line. This will be the bottom point of your ears.

Step 7 (2)

TO OUTLINE THE EARS (8 inches tall)

Step 10: To make the first ear, start at one edge of the flat line on top of the curve, and draw a long ear shape up (rounded at the top) to about 8 inches tall (from the bottom of the paper), and returning down from there, stopping at the horizontal line you just drew.  Repeat for the second ear.

Step 9 (3)

Step 11: Now cut out your brand new Miffy ears! Turn them over, and they will be clean and white.

Step 10 (2)

Step 12 (optional): Outline Miffy’s ears and head with a black marker.

Step 11 (2)


Decorate! Your imagination is the limit to what your beautiful Miffy ears will look like.

When you are ready to wear your ears, fit the headband to your head and using a paper clip, staple, or tape, fasten the two ends of the headband together.

See an example below!

Miffy Ears Collage 9 (2)

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