Kickin’ it with Miffy at the World Cup

Goooooal! The World Cup is underway. Miffy loves learning about new places and she loves playing soccer with her friends. As the world comes together for some friendly competition, try Miffy’s World Cup activities and send us a photo of how you celebrate the World Cup to our Instagram or Facebook!

Updated Flag Match Game Photo

World Cup Team Flags Memory Match Game

Learn who’s who around the world and on the field with this fun memory game!

What you need:

24 index cards (3×5)


Glue stick

How to make the cards:

  1. Click here to download and print 2 copies of the World Cup Flags printable. (Don’t forget to print single-sided!)
  2. Using scissors, cut out each flag and its corresponding country name. Each should fit on an index card.
  3. Using the glue stick, glue the flag cut-outs on to the index cards. You should have 24 index cards total, with 2 copies each of the 12 flags from the printable.

How to play:

  1. To set up the game, shuffle the index cards and turn them flag-side down in four rows of six cards.
  2. Flip over a card, and then flip over another card to guess its match.
  3. If they don’t match, flip both cards back to flag-side down. Remember their place for future match opportunities.
  4. If they do match, remove the cards from the game, off to the side.
  5. Continue until all the matches have been found. The better your memory, the faster you will win!

*Safety disclosure: Adult assistance required for using scissors*

For an extra challenge:

We created an advanced version of this game for older kids and World Cup experts. In this version, we added 20 different World Cup team countries with more complex and less well-known flags. Download the Advanced World Cup Flags printable here, and follow the same setup and gameplay rules.


Miffy #1 Fan Coloring Page

#1 Coloring Page

Color Miffy with your favorite team’s colors to show how you are the #1 fan!  Download and print the coloring page, here.

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