“Summer in Winter” Sunshine Activities For Kids

During the darker days of winter, it’s fun to bring a little bit of sunshine inside and liven up indoor activities. Keep January bright with Miffy’s sunshine activities, and share your experience on Miffy’s Instagram or Facebook page for a chance to win a Miffy prize!

“You Are My Sunshine” Photo Holder

Photo Holder

Materials: Cardboard, Clothespins, Glue, Paint/Construction Paper, Family photos

Step 1: Cut cardboard into a circle.

Step 2: Paint cardboard circle or overlay it with construction paper to give it a sunny color.

Step 3: Paint or decorate clothespins, which will serve as the sun’s rays.

Step 4: Assemble clothespins around the circle, with the clamp-side facing out. Attach clothespins to the circle using glue.

Step 5: Once dry, add family photos or other memories into the clasps of the clothespins. Attach a hook or loop to the back to hang.


Sunshine juice



[Per 1 serving]

1 heaping tablespoon of powdered lemonade mix (such as Countrytime)

1 cup of cold pineapple juice


Mix together with ice. Add lemon slices to give the juice an extra burst of sunshine.

Photo Jan 12, 12 36 43 PM

Sunny fruits & veggies

Photo Jan 12, 12 06 28 PM


Sliced oranges

Sliced strawberries

Carrot sticks or baby carrots


Use orange slice as base of sun. Arrange strawberries or carrots around the orange slices like the rays of a sun. Feel free to get creative! You could use raisins or chocolate chips to give the sun a smiley face, or add marshmallows to make it a partly-cloudy day.

Sunshine Songs:

Let the sound of sun shine with these classic sun-themed songs while you work:

You are my Sunshine

Mr. Golden Sun


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